V5 throw 6,000 gold lead to concede 0-2 upset to JDG in 2022 LPL Spring Split

JD Gaming move up to 7-5 after an odd series of throws from Victory Five.

Screengrab via LPL

Victory Five’s six-series win streak has ended as JD Gaming made two incredible comebacks to sweep the LPL favorites.

After Weibo Gaming had dropped their series against Royal Never Give Up, V5 had an opportunity to cement their place as the best team in the LPL. 


Looking to become the first team to qualify for the 2022 LPL Spring Split playoffs, V5 entered today’s series ready to dominate JDG, who stood at 6-5 in the standings. V5, though, decimated JGD in the early to mid-game fights as the team was left hoping for a throw from V5. 

And this time, V5 did throw. And they did it back-to-back in nearly identical fashion.

V5 looked dominant in the first game and at one point held a 6,000 gold lead over JDG. V5 AD carry Photic was nearly unstoppable on Aphelios while his team’s composition was centered to help the AD carry shine in the late game. Rich’s Gwen also shined in the sidelines as V5 was able to grab real estate in JDG’s base and at 42 minutes, they even killed two JDG players to grab a late-game baron.

V5, however, struggled to turn this lead into a first game win as JDG kept finding avenues back into the game and AD carry Hope continued to become more powerful on the Jinx. And in a fight for the Elder Dragon, they killed V5 support Hope. V5 continued to make indecisive plays as JDG capitalized on V5’s mistakes.

And in the final team fight around the 47-minute mark, Hope’s Jinx had fully scaled up with the Elder Dragon buff as he burst down V5’s towers and the enemy team to steal game one from V5’s clutches.

Image via screenshot LPL English broadcast.

Then in game two, it all happened again. V5’s Karsa dominated the early game on Xin Zhao as he helped V5 balloon a gold lead up to 6,000 gold. This time, V5 looked to close out the game before Hope scaled up on the Jinx. But then they kept making the same mistakes.

With similar compositions, JDG made the miraculous comeback in the final team fight to steal the game, and this time the series, from V5.

Image via screenshot LPL English broadcast.

V5’s six-series win streak has come to an end as a result of poor performance in the late game. What makes it more disappointing for V5 is that this could have easily been a 2-0 for their side if they had just been able to close out the two games against JDG.

An upsetting performance for V5, this day is a massive boon for JDGwho moved up to eighth place in the 2022 LPL Spring Split standings with a 7-5 record.

They will look to carry this momentum as they look to climb up standings in their final four series’ of the split.