Tyler1 put into stasis by Bard ultimate, resulting in teammate’s untimely death

Sometimes your biggest efforts aren't enough to keep your companions alive.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/loltyler1

Every League of Legends player knows the anxious feeling when the enemy Jhin starts a Curtain Call (R). The loud sound of the ultimate ability means it’s either time for you to hide or to block the upcoming shots for your teammates.

One of the most popular League streamers, Tyler1, found himself in a situation like this. In a clip posted on Reddit, he tried his absolute best to protect one of his companions from death.

The video begins after a skirmish in the bottom lane. Tyler1 was playing Cho’Gath and was fighting an enemy Jhin and Bard. Unfortunately for the streamer and his teammate, the fight seemed lost, as the Redeemer found herself barely alive under the turret.

That was when the opponent Jhin decided to use his Curtain Call. Naturally, Tyler1 tried his best to block the incoming shots and managed to bite the first two bullets. Unfortunately for him and Senna, Bard used his ultimate.

The Wandering Caretaker reacted swiftly by putting the streamer into stasis with his Tempered Fate (R). The ultimate skill hit the ground right before Jhin’s third shot from the Curtain Call, which went through invulnerable Cho’Gath and finished Senna.

Tyler1 wrote “it’s okay” in the game chat—the proper reaction to a deadly Jhin-Bard combo that you might stumble upon in your solo queue. Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with losing your life against the dangerous duo.