Tyler1 on Fiddlesticks’ rework: “My heart can literally not take this s**t”

The champion's rework might keep Tyler up at night.

Screengrab via Tyler1

Riot games recently released a new trailer showcasing Fiddlestick’s terrifying rework in League of Legends. The champion leans fully into his dark and horrifying persona, which has been a welcome change by most fans. But Tyler1 is not a fan of the character’s spooky new appearance and jokingly claimed he’ll retire if this is the direction the game is going.

Tyler1 reacted to the trailer during a recent stream and was surprised by its horror game feel. Although the streamer has a lot of experience with horror games, he made it clear he’s not interested in them—in League, at least.

“I don’t do horror games anymore, okay? I resigned.” Tyler1 said. “If you’re going to fucking start adding shit like this to League, I’m going to fucking retire, you hear me?…I’m 25-years old now, my heart can literally not take this shit.”

He also requested more champions like Zoe, a more lighthearted character on the opposite end of the spectrum from Fiddlestick.

Tyler1 is known for his strong appearance and stream persona. He has played horror games in the past, and xQc recently discovered one of his iconic screams in a fan made horror game. It seems like Tyler1 is done with this type of game and prefers the “Weeb” style champions in League of Legends which won’t give him nightmares.

Fiddlestick’s rework looks terrifying and embraces the champions identity, adding a new level of the game’s fear mechanic. Fans will have to wait and see if the rework will be enough to make Tyler1 retire from League of Legends.