Tyler1 impressed by Rengar who survives 2 ganks with a sliver of health


Photo via Riot Games

It appears one Rengar player really is the cat’s meow.

Twitch streamer Tyler1 witnessed incredible Rengar gameplay during his League of Legends broadcast yesterday. The feral cat was able to weave in and out of harm’s way with a sliver of health and come out with four assists.

The madness began when the enemy Olaf ganked Rengar, who stalled for Tyler1’s Elise to get there by jumping around from bush to minions. The streamer was able to pick up an easy double kill on the jungler and top laner while Rengar flashed their champion mastery for some added BM. But the play didn’t end there.

The Rengar player stayed without any health to finish pushing the wave. But another gank from the opposing Zed, as well as a teleport coming in from the enemy Renekton, put the cat in a precarious position. 

“OK, you got greedy,” Tyler1 reacted. “That’s not on me.”

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat this time, however. Rengar was once again able to stall long enough for Tyler1 and the ally Ornn to get there, picking up another two kills and flashing champion mastery again.

The play impressed a typically unimpressed Tyler1, who spam pinged Rengar in disbelief.

To catch Tyler1 continue this climb to Challenger while jungling, or to watch his teammates make more incredible plays, tune in to the streamer’s Twitch channel.