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One of the newest additions to the League Championship Series (LCS) has completed its lineup for the coming season

One of the newest additions to the League Championship Series (LCS) has completed its lineup for the coming season. Former Enemy Esports jungler Jonas “Trashy” Andersen will make his return to Europe to compete in the LCS for FollowEsports, which purchased Team Dignitas’s European lineup last month.

“I’m very pleased to be joining the former DIG EU team, now FollowEsports,” Andersen told the Daily Dot in a statement. “I was a bit surprised when they contacted me after my failure with my former team NME in the relegation, but I have no doubt that joining these four fellow danes is the right decision for me. I can’t wait to start working with the team and the staff. I’m sure we will surprise a lot of people in the upcoming LCS split.”

FollowEsports manager Daniel Vorborg is confident Andersen will fit in immediately. “We are extremely happy to have a deal in place with Trashy, as he was the clear choice for both the players and the management,” Vorborg said. “Trashy already knew the players on our team, and they knew they would mesh well on a personal basis. Besides that we also believe that Trashy fits really well with the team in-game, which makes us feel really confident about our chances moving into next split.”

This marks Andersen’s second season in the LCS and his first in Europe. The player spent last season competing under Enemy Esports in North America. After that team was relegated from the LCS, Andersen and Enemy parted ways. Andersen was often praised for his performances after victories despite the team’s overall poor performance.

Andersen offered plenty of praise for his former teammates. “It was a pleasure working with you guys,” he said, “and I hope the best for all of you.”

The all-Danish lineup qualified for the LCS after a dominating season in the Challenger Series. The team finished with eight wins and only two losses in the regular season, before dispatching Mike “Wickd” Petersen’s Denial Esports in the semifinal and Mousesports in a tense five game grand final.

Despite their success, the team was forced to split off from Team Dignitas due to Riot rules that allow only one lineup in the LCS per organization. As the team moved on to new buyers Followesports, it was revealed that jungler Dennis “Obvious” Sørensen would not be following. With Andersen’s arrival, the team retains its core Danish lineup, becoming possibly the only single nationality team in the European LCS.

That makes Vorborg “happy,” he said, because “it makes several things easier within the team, not only because of the language but also because they all come from the same background and culture.” (For more information on FollowEsports and its lineup, check out their home page.)

Andersen saved one final piece of praise, thanking “everyone who has been supporting either NME or me, thanks for the support and I hope you will keep supporting me and my new team in the next split!”

Want to hear more about the move? We spoke with Trashy about it!

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