Top 3 League of Legends team compositions to dominate this weekend’s Clash tournament

The fun kicks off soon.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends fans finally have a reason to rejoice—Clash’s official launch is around the corner.

The two-day competition kicks off this weekend after several months of development and beta testing to get it just right. Squads lock in and go through a scouting phase to determine which team comps they want to run and which opponent’s one-trick champs to ban. While you may be a solo queue guru, Clash will focus on team play, coordination, and cooperation rather than pure mechanics.

Here are three OP team comps you can use to stomp your opponents in Clash.

Global domination

Image via Riot Games

With the addition of new champions and the resurgence of some oldies, having a global presence is more possible than ever. By strategically picking champions that can affect the map from anywhere on the Rift, your team can easily control the tempo of the game. Opposing teams will be torn between matching the push on the side waves or trying to capitalize on a four-vs-five situation. Their hesitation and desperation will become your win condition.

With Patch 10.3 buffing jungle XP, we’ve seen farming champions emerge again—primarily, Karthus. The Deathsinger can farm faster than anybody and his ultimate allows you to gank from anywhere on the map. Even though he can easily be counter-jungled in the early stages of the game, playing in a Clash comp means you’ll have the coordination and communication needed to make proper rotations. A decent substitution for Karthus would be Nocturne, who can help your team pick off stragglers with Paranoia (R).

Pairing Karthus with Shen top and Twisted Fate mid will give you amazing crowd control and the ability to incessantly splitpush. And if the opposing team decides to engage on your team that’s down a man, just use Shen and TF’s ult to turn the tides.

To round out the team comp, putting Senna in the bot lane means you get global heals and some much-needed AD damage to pair with your marksman. Though she’s not as strong as an AD carry anymore, she fits perfectly with an Ezreal or Lucian in the bot lane. Soraka can also work, using her ultimate to heal splitpushers if they’re ganked.

Engage and assassinate

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With the sorry state of marksmen in the current meta, being able to quickly engage and destroy the opposing AD carry can make for a quick and victorious teamfight.

Jarvan IV made a jungle comeback this season because he’s able to jump into an enemy team and hold them in place with Cataclysm (R). Another great option is Olaf, who can avoid all the opposing team’s CC and beeline for the enemy carry. And with tomorrow’s Patch 10.4 “widening the jungle champ pool,” players may be able to throw Talon or Zed jungle in the mix and add to the assassination frenzy.

Mid lane has the most flexibility with this team comp, but probably the most responsibility as well. It’s your job as a mid laner to quickly destroy the high priority targets. Picking champions like Fizz, Talon, Katarina, or Diana will help make the teamfight one-sided instantly.

A heavy-engage top laner, like Ornn or Gnar, will help pin the enemy team together for some easy decimation. Kai’Sa and Twitch are the closest a marksman can get to being an assassin. But players can opt for a Miss Fortune to wombo combo with some big ults from Jarvan, Ornn, or Gnar. And a Thresh, Leona, or Nautilus support will give you an excellent frontline, multiple seconds of stun-locking, and good peel for the ADC.

Stun-lock supreme

Image via Riot Games

Picking off unsuspecting victims can quickly turn a teamfight into a favorable five-vs-four scenario. With plenty of CC options across all roles, this team comp should be easy to execute.

The best jungle option for this comp is Elise, who can cocoon and destroy while also having a safe Rappel (E) to get her out of a sticky situation. Evelynn can also work, but her Allure (W) takes a bit longer to execute.

Mid laners like Twisted Fate, Malzahar, Lissandra, and Veigar have great stun potential and all scale well. This will make a jungler’s job quite easy when ganking since they can chain CC with minimal effort.

Once again, opting for top laners with great ultimates like Malphite, Ornn, and Gnar will allow your squad to pull off strong wombo combos or land a pick on the opposing carry. A click-stun champion like Pantheon can also help the cause.

Pair that with broken supports like Nautilus or Leona and your opponents won’t have a chance to move. The ADC doesn’t necessarily matter with this team comp as long as they can stay out of harm’s way.

Clash’s official launch begins this Saturday, Feb. 22 at 7:30 CT and ends Sunday, Feb. 23.