Through the Jungle: August 13-19

Miss any League of Legends news from the past week? We covered the six biggest story lines from the past week in our brand new "Through the Jungle" series.

The Thorin Treatment: Dear Febiven

Renowned esports journalist and analyst Thorin, looks back upon Febiven’s very young career in the League Championship Series, touching on things like his success in his rookie season and his poise when playing against Faker at the Mid-Season Invitational in 2015. All of this to back up the wave of recent woes that has plagued Febiven and Fnatic. Thorin talks about things like Febiven’s team mentality. “An aspect of your career in FNATIC which has impressed me has been your dedication to being a good team-mate. You do what is asked of you and have allowed others to shine (Huni) when they have been in position to be the focal point of the time or have the greatest impact upon the team’s chances for success.” One of the best features in Thorin’s famous “The Thorin Treatment” article series.


Why North America Can Win Worlds 2016 On Home Turf

One of our League of Legends writers, Adam “Wukong” Newell, wrote a wonderful piece on North America’s chances at this year’s Worlds tournament, which will be hosted in the aforementioned region. In the piece, he talks about the reasons why he thinks a North American team can hoist the Summoners Cup for the first time in League of Legends history. “It’s my honest opinion that a North American team can be the favourites this year to take the title away from an Eastern dominated world circuit… North America, as a region, has improved drastically with the acquisition of players like Huni, Reignover and Biofrost… mixing in with NAs all-time star players such as Doublelift, Bjergsen and co.”


H2k-Gaming Annihilates Fnatic: G2 Esports Is Heading to Worlds

The European LCS playoffs are in full swing, and we will start by taking at a look at the quarter final match that happened last week. The H2k-Gaming vs. Fnatic matchup was delayed due to sound issues that lasted over two hours, adding to the tension and excitement. As most of you know at this point H2k was able to take a 3-0 sweep, and they did so convincingly. You can also read more about G2 Esports in the full article linked above, who through the loss of Fnatic have secured their spot at the 2016 Worlds tournament.   


Day One Upset: EU LCS Playoffs Quarterfinal Recap

In the second European quarter final match Unicorns of Love faced off against Giants. The series went to four games and ended in a surprise with sixth-seed UoL advancing into the semi-finals. They will play G2 eSports in Krakow, Poland for a spot in the finals.  Here is an excerpt from the game four recap in, the full recap can be found linked above. “In the shortest game of this series, UoL was able to complete the upset over Giants, eliminating them from the playoffs. In just under 29 minutes, UoL was able to shatter the hopes and dreams of Giants fans everywhere with a dominant 15-3 kill lead. UoL also took 11 towers, three dragons and one Baron, while only allowing Giants to secure one Tier One tower.”


Jensen Delivers: NA LCS Playoffs Quarterfinal Recap

The first quarterfinal in North America featured playoff veterans Cloud9 and the first-year squad of Team EnVyUs, making their first appearance in the playoffs. That veteranship paid off and Cloud9 was able to cruise through EnVyUs securing their spot in the semi-finals where a matchup against Immortals awaits them. Cloud9 midlaner Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen lead the way for C9, and set an LCS record in the process. His 20/2/5 performance on LeBlanc was good enough by one kill to break the record of most kills in one LCS game. You can read about the four game series in more detail in the full match recap linked above.


CLG Stroll Through: NA LCS Quarterfinal Recap

The final North American quarterfinal matchup pitted reigning LCS champions Counter Logic Gaming against Team Liquid. The series featured four games that ranged from CLG stopping TL, to Team Liquid coming back and claiming one map win. Team Liquid made a substitution in the middle of the series and brought in rookie, Phil “Jynthe” Vu. Jynthe made his LCS debut a memorable one winning the map, the only game that Team Liquid managed to take off of the defending champions who move through to the semi-finals to play Team SoloMid. You can read the full recap linked above.

Bonus: Scuttle Crab

GAMURS Proudly Presents eSports Live

Though this is not directly League of Legends news, it is big news for us at GAMURS. Over the past few months our team has been hard at work, putting together a fantastic new platform for our site and our live coverage. We proudly present to you, GAMURS Live. You can read more about the features in the official announcement article above. We hope you come to enjoy and use what we have been hard at work on for the past few months.

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