There are 2 scenarios where Fnatic can miss the 2021 LEC Spring Playoffs

A huge upset must occur for the team to miss the postseason.

Photo via Riot Games

The end of the 2021 LEC Spring regular season might be tomorrow, but there’s still plenty of spice being passed around with the final day of competition. After today’s results, there are still two scenarios where Fnatic can miss the playoffs.

Throughout their history, Fnatic have made playoffs every split, but this spring hasn’t looked that great by their standards. The League of Legends team currently sits in fourth place in the regular season standings and recently lost games to both Schalke 04 and Misfits Gaming. Because of this, Fnatic still have a small chance of dropping out of the postseason picture.

According to the LEC foldy sheet, if Fnatic take down Rogue, they automatically lock a top-four position for their team. More importantly, however, they must also hope that G2 Esports can beat SK Gaming in their match prior. If SK loses, Fnatic is guaranteed a spot in the playoffs no matter what happens.

In the event that both SK and Rogue win, Fnatic can miss playoffs if Astralis beat MAD Lions, Schalke 04 beat Excel Esports, and Misfits beat Vitality. If MAD Lions beat Astralis, but the rest of the games end the same way, Fnatic will also be eliminated from playoff contention.

Ultimately, Fnatic fans must cheer on their perpetual rivals in their match against SK. The LEC has always been one of the most entertaining leagues in the world, and this season is no exception. Hopefully for fans, tomorrow will bring a great ending to a wild Spring Split.

Catch all the action when the LEC caps off the regular season tomorrow at 11pm CT.

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