The first version of Teamfight Tactic’s match history is on the PBE


Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactic’s players finally have a chance to see their match history in League of Legends following an update to the PBE.

The feature, which has been long requested and been in development for some time as well, finally showed up on the PBE recently. It gives players a look at their recent matches, allowing them to see what they played, what they played against, and where they placed.

The match history feature is quite in-depth as well, showcasing the champions you played with when you went out or won, what level they were, and the build that you had. It should serve as a great tool to keep track of what team compositions worked against what.

Its also a good way to just look back at what used to be big in a certain patch, or keep tabs on where you are placing to help improve your games in the future.

The feature should hopefully be coming to the official client sooner or later. But for now, the only way to try it out is to head to the PBE and play some matches there.