The Day of Dominance: NA LCS Week 4, Day 3 Recap

Today was a day of domination. Every win was a sweep, as no losing team put up enough of a fight to survive past game two. Here’s how Day 3, Week 4 of the NA LCS went down.

Today marked Day 3, Week 4 of the 2016 North American League Championship Series (NA LCS) Summer Split.

Today was a day of domination. Every win was a sweep, as no losing team put up enough of a fight to survive past game two. Here’s how Day 3, Week 4 of the NA LCS went down.

(6-2) Cloud9 2-0 NRG eSports (2-6)

After defeating Team EnVyUs yesterday, taking down NRG seemed like a walk in the park for Cloud9. Game one was a 13,000 gold massacre, as NRG only managed to get two kills on Cloud9 players throughout the game, all the while only securing two turret kills. Cloud9 had complete control in every way imaginable.

Game two was more of the same, though this time NRG managed to get five kills and five turrets. Still, Cloud9 took four drakes, 15 kills, and a 12,000 gold lead to destroy NRG in game two.

(8-0) TeamSoloMid 2-0 Team EnVyUs (5-3)

In a decisive and dominating win, TSM crushed EnVyUs in game one. Almost 15,000 gold ahead by the end of it, TSM had complete objective control and it showed as they took 11 turrets and five drakes. This 35-minute game was all TSM from start to finish.

Game two was just as bad, if not worse, for EnVyUs. Perfect performances from Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell and Vincent “Biofrost” Wang allowed TSM to accrue a 13,000 gold lead, limiting EnVyUs to just two turrets and four kills by the end of the 30-minute game. This match was hyped up throughout the week, as EnVyUs entered the weekend with only one loss. They leave the weekend, however, not picking up even a game over Cloud9 or TSM.

(3-5) Counter Logic Gaming 2-0 Phoenix1 (0-8)

Continuing the day’s trend of quick and easy games, CLG never gave Phoenix1 a change in game one of this series. In just under 30 minutes, Phoenix1 managed to get just two kills and two turrets, as CLG took 11 kills, 10 turrets, and three dragons. Needless to say, CLG had a large gold lead of almost 13,000 by the time they won the game.

Game two was the first game of the day that wasn’t quick and easy. Still CLG pulled out a close one and kept Phoenix1 from winning a game in the series. In typical CLG fashion, no matter how the rest of the game was going, Darshan “Darshan” Upadhyaha was doing his split-pushing strategy. It hasn’t worked very well this split, but it worked today as he practically single-handedly pushed the base and won the game for CLG.

(4-4) Apex Gaming 2-0 Echo Fox (1-7)

Yet again continuing today’s trend of fast games, Apex took Echo Fox out with ease in just over 35 minutes in game one. Clearly outmatched in every position, Echo Fox just looked all out of sorts and couldn’t coordinate enough. Jiwon “Ray” Jeon’s perfect 6/0/5 performance on Jax led Apex to the easy game one victory.

Though not as fast as game one, game two ended in very much the same fashion. Echo Fox never had control of anything at any point, and Apex outplayed their opponents at every turn. Invading the jungle, stealing buffs, keeping objective control and lane dominance, Apex had this under control all the way through.

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