The boxer’s Mentality

League of legends is a fun game right? right?

League of legends is a fun game right? right? Yes its a fun game but it can also be very frustrating, weather its giving up that first blood or being zoned so hard you cant even cs for fear of death or whatever ruffles your feathers in this game. Being frustrated in turn can lead to flaming and blaming and downright not being a nice person. A boxer also gets frustrated, getting punched in the face repeatedly will do that to you, does he just go red in the face take off his gloves and storm out of the ring? no he stays calm and collected and waits patiently for his chance to strike, to get his combo of punches onto his opponent. I think having a boxers mentality while playing league will not only ease your frustration but also help you to gain elo, let me explain.

  1. Size up your opponent -What i mean by this is to look at your opponents movements, is he aggressive or passive while in lane, will he go for the trade in lane or go for the cs. all these things will help you to make decisions about what you can do in lane and what kind to trades you can pull off, that will go in your favor. This “Sizing your opponent” can take several levels so don’t be afraid to sit back and farm passively until you start to recognize some of these patterns.
  2. Knowing when to strike – This can be the most difficult thing for people to understand at all levels especially in team fights. While a boxer only has his body, fists and feet to worry about, we have up to 4 abilities of our own and the 36 from the other 9 players that’s 40 some champions have more of course never mind the summoner spells, it can be quite a bit daunting. You must try and remember cds for abilities especially in lane a rough timer is fine, work around your opponents cds to do your dmg without taking any dmg, know your limits.
  3. Movement – “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” Don’t venture into enemy’s attack range or ability range if you don’t have to because, well whats the point. Predict incoming abilities so you can dodge with ease obviously only works with skill shots. Always keep moving, this just makes it harder for your enemy to predict what your going to do next, not only will this help you to dodge but will confuse the poop out of your opponents so when your actually wanting to engage or do damage its not completely obvious and they just walk backwards.

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