The all-LCS Worlds finals dream is dead—G2 have been knocked out by Invictus

The East's last hope at a Worlds victory made G2 look like amateurs.

Photo via Riot Games

There was one team standing in the way of an all-LCS, all-western final at the 2018 League of Legends World Championship—Invictus Gaming. If G2 could beat them, they would make history.

Unfortunately for them, IG weren’t about to let that slide. They quickly and neatly 3-0 swept G2 in the Worlds semifinals today—and with that, IG are now also standing in the way of the first LCS Worlds victory since season one. They’ll now face the winner of the Fnatic vs. Cloud9 series tomorrow to decide the tournament victor.

The series was about as depressing as it could have been for European LCS fans. After taking RNG to five games and ultimately winning their series in the quarterfinals, G2 proved that they could keep up with the best teams in the world as long as their tried-and-true carries, Luka “Perkz” Perković and Martin “Wunder” Hansen, could do what they do best. Today, however, both of these players, as well as the rest of G2, just didn’t show up. IG made them look like they didn’t belong in the semifinals. There’s just no other way to say it.

EU LCS fans had become accustomed to Wunder hard-carrying on champions like Aatrox, and Perkz returned to form last week against RNG. Today, Wunder got his Aatrox and Perkz got his Irelia—but IG just outplayed them at every turn. The best chance G2 had to surge forward to a win was their bot lane in game two, but it just wasn’t nearly enough.

G2 were sloppy and uncharacteristically slow in their decision making and map movements. It could have been nerves, someone may have not been feeling well—who knows, but IG came to play, and G2 failed to show up on all accounts. They should still be proud of their legacy, which was defined by taking out tournament-favorites RNG in the quarterfinals, but this semifinals appearance was certainly weaker than anyone imagined.