The 5 best fighters in League of Legends: Wild Rift

Here's our top five fighter picks in Wild Rift.

League of Legends: Wild Rift has finally been released to more regions. With the influx of new players, it’s important for you to know which fighters to pick in the top lane if you want to win your games.

While there are some differences between champions who were adapted for mobile play, the core gameplay is the same. You will be able to easily adapt to your desired champions if you’ve played them in League. But if you didn’t, after a couple of games you’ll get used to them as they aid your domination.

Here are the best fighters in Wild Rift.


Image via Riot Games

Camille is one of the best fighters in League and by proxy in Wild Rift as well. Her kit hasn’t been changed at all, making her easy to adjust to if you played her on the PC. She has strong abilities, especially her passive, which allows her to survive the laning phase and acquire items with ease. Once she gets going, she can solo carry the game.


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Fiora is one of the best answers to Camille and has earned herself a top-five fighter spot in Wild Rift. Her kit is unchanged to League and while it might be difficult to activate all the vitals in less than a second compared to PC, she can still be powerful in the right hands. One or two early kills and you can take over the game.


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Garen is the easiest fighter to play. He has a pretty straightforward kit with which you just need to go in and press your abilities to be useful. You won’t be able to do shiny plays like other champions, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be one of the most useful team members on the Rift.


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With plenty of auto-attacking champions running rampant, Jax is one of the best counters to that tactic. Your dodge from the E alongside your base damage from abilities will be more than enough to deal with those pesky carries in the game.


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Simple, yet efficient—that’s what describes Tryndamere. He’s easy to play with a kit which doesn’t have a lot of outplay potential and mostly relies on auto attacks. Tryndamere is one of the best fighters in the game currently, especially if you still haven’t fully adjusted to mobile controls.