TFT’s hours watched on Twitch dropped 57 percent in August

That's a massive decline.

Image via Riot Games

Things aren’t looking good for the autobattler genre, according to StreamElements. The company revealed some surprising statistics about Teamfight Tactics’ Twitch audience last month.

TFT’s Twitch viewership in terms of hours watched dropped 57 percent from July to August, according to StreamElements. Riot Games’ autobattler had under 30 million total hours watched throughout the month.

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Image via StreamElements

TFT still brings a lot of viewers to Twitch and it’s usually in the top 10 games on the platform, but it seems like the autobattler’s time in the spotlight may be dwindling.

Most games that popularize a genre or are the main title of the month seem to only last that long when it comes to viewership retention. Apex Legends and PUBG, for example, also dropped off significantly after initial success.

Even with WoW Classic boosting its Twitch numbers this month, history tells us that it could also start to lose a lot of its viewers whenever the next big title comes along.