Teamfight Tactics players are experiencing a game-breaking bug with the Cursed Blade item

The item makes one of your opponent's units unkillable.

Image via Riot Games

Some players have been reporting a game-breaking glitch with one of the items in Riot Games’ new League of Legends game mode, Teamfight Tactics. Apparently, the item named Cursed Blade can cause a bug in which one of your opponent’s units becomes unkillable.

Cursed Blade is made with a Negatron Cloak and a Recurve Bow. The item’s special effect is that the unit’s attack has a chance to shrink a target and remove one star from them. This is strong later on in games because three star units are incredibly powerful—lowering a star level drastically increases your chances of victory.

The bug occurs when Cursed Blade lowers the star level of a unit. The effect reportedly glitches, causing the affected unit to level up and down over and over.

This also resets the health points of the unit to full every time, which results in an invulnerable unit. Meanwhile, the enemy unit is still able to attack and use abilities. In the video above, you can see Garen get to half health. But when Cursed Blade activates on him, all his HP is given back.

Multiple players have posted on the TFT subreddit saying that Riot needs to fix the item because it’s now useless. It doesn’t seem like any of the developers have commented on the bug yet, but we should expect this to be fixed in the next TFT patch.