Teemo player gives away position with Summon Aery, gets killed by enemy

This keystone may fool you once or twice.

Image via Riot Games

In League of Legends, there are many keystones and rune paths to choose from when you’re selecting a champion. This allows for different builds and ideas on how to play the game. Still, some shouldn’t be picked on certain champions most of the time.

When it comes to Teemo, Summon Aery is one of them. A Reddit user shared footage of an enemy Teemo who gave away his location with the rune, letting the player find the Swift Scout and quickly eliminate the yordle.

The clip takes place from the perspective of a Kayn player opposed to Teemo and kicks off with a Teemo low on the top lane. The Kayn player approached him through the top river, and when the Swift Scout spotted them, the opposing Teemo realized that there was no way he’d escape. Teemo used his passive, Guerilla Warfare, and made himself invisible in one of the bushes.

Kayn used several of his abilities aiming at some parts of the bush in order to find the weakened opponent. After failing to hit the target, they started clearing the minions in the meantime.

Kayn was helpless until he accidentally stepped on one of Teemo’s Noxious Traps (R), which was immediately followed by the Summon Aery keystone ability. Aery returning to Teemo gave away the champion’s position, letting Kayn locate the Swift Scout and send him to the fountain shortly after.

The video is an example of why Teemo players may want to stay away from Summon Aery unless necessary and serve as a reminder to placee mushrooms on the Summoner’s Rift carefully.

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