Teemo makes Volibear regret dancing before destroying nexus in hilarious League outplay

Sometimes styling on the opponent can be your downfall.

Sometimes even when a game looks like a lock it isn’t quite over yet and that’s a reality one League of Legends player encountered during a recent ARURF game where their decision to style on the enemy led to them being styled on.

In a clip gaining traction on Reddit, one Volibear player wound up falling victim to Teemo’s power despite having seemingly secured the League victory.

As the clip begins both Volibear and the Rift Herald are taking down the enemy Nexus towers when Voli calls it a day and moves towards the fountain, dancing to taunt the enemy Teemo who has just respawned. Realizing that the Rift Herald likely won’t get it done alone, Voli turns its attention to the Nexus but it’s too late. Teemo’s infinite blinding capabilities in URF are on full display as Volibear desperately attempts to put the finishing touches on the nexus.

Ultimately, Voli wasn’t able to get it done and Teemo emerges victorious from the fight with the Nexus surviving on the tiniest amount of health.

While this made an impressive clip and was a smart last-minute play from Teemo, it isn’t likely that the team was able to recover and win the game, however, we don’t currently have any news on the outcome of this match.

The clip is garnering a lot of attention on the League subreddit today, however, it was recorded earlier this year. Sadly, there is no way for players to get in on the ARURF action in League today, but the mode will likely make its return again in the near future.