Teemo and Zyra headline list of champions joining League’s jungle pool in Patch 10.6

Why, Riot? Why?

Image via Riot Games

It appears League of Legends’ most loved and hated champion may finally get his day in the jungle.

Teemo, along with Zyra, Brand, Morgana, Shen, and Yorick, will receive buffs that look to make them viable jungle choices, according to lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter. This is in line with Riot’s continued effort to “[widen] the jungle champ pool” and encourage low Elo players to choose the position more.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Riot began to expand the jungle pool in Patch 10.4 in hopes that placing fan-favorite champions into the role, like Darius and Garen, would improve its popularity. These buffs were further reinforced in Patch 10.5 and it seems like 10.6 will follow suit. But Scruffy explained that the jungle additions will “slow down” after the next patch.

Though Scruffy didn’t outline exactly what the changes will be, the damage the champions deal to jungle camps will likely be buffed.

Jungle is a complex role that often deters beginners and less experienced players because of all the subtle nuances, such as gank timing and objective control. Though jungle’s popularity increases a bit in higher ranks, the vast majority of players across all ranks and regions still tend to opt for mid lane.