Teamfight Tactics players experienced a game-breaking bug where they couldn’t buy any champions

Riot has since fixed the issue but the losses still remain.

Image via Riot Games

Multiple Teamfight Tactics players reported that they were getting a pretty brutal bug today that removed the champion shop from the game. As a result, entire lobbies of ranked matches were forced to play out their games with only one champion from the starting carousel.

Even LEC shoutcaster Andy “Vedius” Day experienced a game with this bug, saying that he died to the first round of creeps because he was stuck with one Lissandra. Some players also reported that they couldn’t sell champions, gain any gold, or level up.

Players could only play one champion through the game’s carousel, which meant that if you had a weak unit from the beginning of the match, you’d probably lose. Even if you picked up a unit from the carousel in the later stages of the game, you wouldn’t be able to play it.

Luckily, Riot Games was quick to solve the bug, but players were still worried about the LP they lost from the affected games. Mortdog said that the team will be looking into different possibilities for the people who were affected during the five minutes in which the bug popped up.

Players won’t want to see his bug show its ugly head in the future because it truly makes the game unplayable.