Team WE extend win streak to 5 games in 2021 LPL Spring Split, take down LNG Esports

Beishang has been dominating his opposition, solidifying himself as the best LPL jungler.

Photo via Riot Games

Team WE have extended their 2021 LPL Spring Split win streak to five games after taking down LNG Esports in a clean 2-0 sweep today.

Jungler Jiang “Beishang” Zhi-Peng was the centerpiece of this domination, popping off on Graves in both League of Legends games. His performance earned him an MVP vote while the other MVP vote went to his ADC Zhao “Jiumeng” Jia-Hao. Jiumeng finished the first game on Kai’Sa deathless with eight kills, providing plenty of damage for his team in teamfights.

This series featured calculated plays from both teams, which avoided the traditional LPL skirmish-heavy playstyle. Teams farmed up slowly to get their Mythic items in place of frequent teamfights. Due this passive playstyle, Beishang was free to roam and used his time to farm up on Graves and pick up the first couple of dragons.

LNG got an early kill lead during the mid-game, but Team WE were overall ahead due to their dragon priority. With the fourth dragon spawning at 23 minutes, Team WE funneled all resources to pick up the Infernal Dragon Soul. LNG’s small kill lead became obsolete once Team WE got the dragon buff, overpowering LNG in the next couple of teamfights due to the additional damage from the Soul. With a gold lead under their belt, Team WE invested into an item lead and pushed to finish the first game.

Going into the second game, Team WE secured both Graves on Kai’Sa, which were crucial picks in the first game. This time Beishang adopted an aggressive playstyle and used Graves to pick up two kills before the 10-minute mark.

With that gold lead, he rushed Galeforce and used it in the next teamfights to deliver a huge burst of damage and pick up quick kills on squishy champions. He took over the game after picking up a couple of items due to LNG having no answer to the fed Graves. After picking up the Infernal Dragon Soul once again, Team WE pushed LNG into their base and finished the series.

Team WE (5-0) are currently in first place in the 2021 LPL Spring Split standings. They’ll be facing Royal Never Give Up next week. Both teams are currently undefeated and are looking much better compared to the previous year. Tune in on Friday, Jan. 29 at 5am CT to see this matchup.

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