Taliyah’s passive has been bugged for months in League

A bugged interaction with Banshee's Veil is causing frustration among Taliyah players.

Image via Riot Games

In League of Legends—a game with so many different champions and items—bugs are a common thing. But once discovered, Riot Games is usually quick to implement a fix.

Not all bugs are fixed right away, though. Thanks to players on the TaliyahMains subreddit, a bug involving Taliyah’s passive and Banshee’s Veil has come to light. And it turns out that it has been in the game for almost five months now, since the first mention of the bug was posted on Reddit on Nov. 22, 2021.

In the video posted above, a Taliyah player ventured through the mid lane. At some point, they decided to roam to the bot lane. But before reaching the intended destination, an enemy Karthus used their ultimate ability, activating Banshee’s Veil. Taliyah naturally didn’t take any damage because the spell was blocked. This, however, prevented the player from using their passive.

Taliyah’s Rock Surfing passive enables the champion to gain additional movement speed while close to walls, allowing her to travel to lanes at a faster pace. Usually, the animation of Taliyah riding her rock appears when she’s close to a wall. But in the video, the animation didn’t pop up, nor did she gain the intended movement speed.

Riot has yet to address this bug in any capacity.

That being said, Taliyah is in Riot’s sights. The developers revealed in March that they’re going to give the champion a “mid-scope update.” This shouldn’t change her kit dramatically but will aim to improve the champion’s pick rate and make her more viable in solo queue.

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