T1 bounce back in 2021 LCK Spring Split with Telecom War win against KT

Teddy's mechanical prowess on Aphelios and Senna helped T1 secure this win.

Photo via Riot Games

T1 got revenge against KT Rolster today with a clean 2-0 sweep following their defeat during the first round-robin Telecom War.

This League of Legends showdown opened up with a dominant win by T1 in the first game. KT bounced back in the second match, showing signs of life with proactive plays. But they were overran by the superior macro and teamplay of their opponents.

Teddy and Clozer earned the series’ MVP votes for their outstanding performances. Teddy picked up the first game MVP on Aphelios, topping the damage charts and finishing the game with a 6/1/4 KDA. Clozer used his signature Zoe champ to crowd control opponents from unexpected angles, setting up kill opportunities in teamfights.

The first game of the series was textbook from T1. They went for a well-rounded composition and, after a couple of proactive early-game plays, secured a lead. One of the core reasons T1 snowballed the game so quickly was the duo of Teddy and Keria, who destroyed the opposing bottom lane with tower dives whenever possible.

With KT relying on scaling, they weren’t able to reach a point where their composition was in full power and slowly withered down as the game progressed. T1 kept increasing their gold lead, reaching almost 10,000 gold before finishing the first game of this Telecom War.

Going into the second game, both teams adjusted their compositions after key champions were banned. KT went for more offensive picks instead of relying on tanks, while T1 went for a fasting Senna strategy.

The early-game reactive plays were coming from the KT side, who were trying to get their Jinx going so that she can carry the game. T1 fell behind in gold and objectives but bounced back after securing the Mountain Dragon Soul in the mid game. With the powerful defensive buff, they ran down KT’s base and closed out the series 2-0.

Following this victory, T1 (7-7) remain in fifth place in the 2021 LCK Spring Split. Their constant roster changes over the split have caused the team to lose a couple of matches against weaker teams. Their playoff spot has yet to be secured, and with a tight schedule ahead, T1 needs to decide on what roster to field in and build synergy for the upcoming playoff run if they qualify.

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