T1 tied with Gen.G for first place in LCK standings after disappointing defeat to DAMWON

DAMWON Gaming didn't drop a single game in their four last series.

Photo via Riot Games

DAMWON Gaming secured their fourth win in a row by demolishing the LCK reigning champions, T1, 2-0 earlier today. The three-time League of Legends world champions are now tied for first place after today’s defeat with Gen.G.

Despite choosing a scaling composition, DAMWON decided to play aggressively from the start. They kicked off the match by taking two kills on T1’s botlane, followed by an unfortunate fight between top laners that Jang “Nuguri” Ha-Gwon easily won on his Jayce.

While DWG harrassed the botlane to secure the dragon pit, Nuguri won his lane against T1’s Kim “Canna” Chang-Dong with another solokill under turret. DWG didn’t bother to wait and wrapped up the game in 25 minutes after relentless pushes on every lane.

Whereas game two turned out to be more balanced, DWG took the edge on mid-game by killing four T1 champions after they took the Baron Nashor in a well-executed fight by DWG’s mid laner Heo “ShowMaker” Su, who chased down two of them.

Despite T1 receiving the Baron buff, DWG pushed them all the way to the base and took them down one by one, grabbing the victory after a neat 31-minute game.

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The DWG victory allowed Gen.G to be tied again with T1 for the LCK Spring Split first place, both of them holding a 12-3 score. T1 may have lost their chance to get first place by losing this match, because their next matchups of the race for the playoffs will be more difficult than Gen.G’s on paper.

KT Rolster could be the turning point in putting one team at the top of the LCK standings. They’re an unpredictable team and will face off against both teams on the two upcoming weeks.

The ranking of the qualified teams in the playoffs is particularly significant in the LCK, because the Gauntlet format gives more chances to the top teams to win. The top team of the regular season will only have one match to win to be crowned champions of the split.

DWG also climbed up to fourth place with this fourth 2-0 victory in a row, bringing them one step closer to joining Gen.G, DragonX and T1 into the playoffs. The team will face off against Griffin on April 8, at 3am CT by kicking off week eight of the LCK Spring Split.