T1 take down Afreeca Freecs in LCK Summer Split

Faker, Faker, Shurima Shuffle seeker.

Image via Riot Games

T1 reverse swept Afreeca Freecs earlier today, including almost picking up a perfect game against the previously-undefeated Korean League of Legends team.

Today’s Player of the Game Awards went to superstar mid laner Faker for his Azir mechanics in the third game and support Effort for his decisive engages on Alistar in the second game.

The first game of this LCK Summer Split series was heavily in favor of AFS. Their superior drafting netted them Zoe, Aphelios, and Nautilus, while T1 tried to respond with Karma, Ezreal, and Leona.

AFS’ ADC, Mystic, was on fire throughout the entire Spring Split and has been leading the charge for ADCs in the LCK Summer Split as well. With the Aphelios pick, he was able to snowball the game, leaving no room for errors and decisively securing the first game win.

But after that, T1 did a complete turnaround in the second game and adjusted their pick and ban phase to remove Aphelios from the pool. They picked up Twisted Fate for Faker instead of a support champ like Karma, which allowed him to control the entire map. While AFS tried to respond with a Galio pick, he was utterly useless in the game and had no impact.

T1 picked up all possible neutral objectives and didn’t drop a single tower. They were close to a perfect game, but Effort’s heroic play to tank the tower before AFS respawned shattered those dreams.

After a complete stomp in the second game, AFS rebounded for the third match, adjusting their drafting phase and picking four new champions for their composition.

T1 managed to secure a huge lead early on but started making mistakes one after another. AFS took advantage of T1’s miscues and slowly tried to come back into the game. Faker didn’t let that happen, though, and looked for Shurima Shuffles throughout the entire game to knock AFS’ players into T1’s composition.

While AFS were able to dodge a large number of Faker’s Shurima Shuffles, one near the Baron pit was enough to secure a definitive lead for T1. Faker and crew then pushed into AFS’ base to end the game, almost reaching a kill per minute.

T1 will face Sandbox Gaming on Sunday, June 28. If they pick up a win, they’ll be in at least the top five in the LCK Summer Split standings. You can tune in to the official Riot Games LCK channel at 6am CT to see if T1 can take down SB.