T1 dismantle FunPlus Phoenix in opening game of Mid-Season Cup

Faker, Faker, playmaker.

Photo via Riot Games

Korea’s T1 took the early lead today after decisively beating China’s FunPlus Phoenix in the Mid-Season Cup. 

The LCK champions settled on a slow and methodical approach to the game, drafting scaling champions and banking on a late-game teamfight. The two League of Legends teams were neck and neck for the first 10 minutes of the game. But after some back and forth around the dragon, T1 found an advantage. 

T1 played as a cohesive unit, snowballing their gold lead kill by kill and CS by CS. They gradually whittled down the reigning world champions, taking the key objectives and patiently waiting to scale. 

In the end, legendary mid laner Faker opened up the game, dishing out the damage with a bold kamikaze Corki play. From there, it was game, set, and match. 

The Mid-Season Cup is the first international League event of the year, replacing the 2020 Mid-Season Invitational. The top four teams from Korea and China are going head-to-head in a four-day online event.

The LCK teams are competing from the LoL Park in Seoul, while the LPL teams are playing in Shanghai LPL Arena. The tournament is adhering “to the local health regulations of both cities” and there’s no live audience at either stadium. To ensure competitive integrity, Riot has standardized ping to 30 to 40 m/s.

T1 will look to consolidate their lead later today when they face off against the LCK’s Damwon Gaming.