Surrender vote causes League player to lose pentakill at last possible moment

They were just one auto attack away.

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends player was about to deal the final sliver of damage required to secure a pentakill with Viego in a solo queue game only to be stopped dead in their tracks by the enemy team’s surrender vote.

In a clip posted last night, a League player was running wild with Viego, grabbing a double kill near the top-side blue buff. They then used Heartbreaker (R) and Sovereign’s Domination (P) to finish off and possess the enemy Vi player. After that, they quickly turned around and charged back at the enemy team, dispatching of Lucian and Taric.

In the final phase of their one-vs-five skirmish, the Viego player turned their attention to the enemy Katarina. After unleashing a flurry of auto attacks and casts of Blade of the Ruined King (Q), the Viego player took their final target down to approximately 15 percent HP. Then, the surrender vote passed.

The Viego player had the enemy Katarina stunned thanks to a successful Spectral Maw (W). All they had to do was land the final auto attack to finish the job. 

What most likely happened in this scenario was the enemy team saw that the Viego player was on the cusp of securing a one-vs-five pentakill in the midst of a game that could easily be considered a one-sided affair. Instead of allowing the Viego player to put one final nail in their coffin, the enemy team decided to cut the bloodshed short just in the nick of time.

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