Strong meta picks Kalista and Vladimir highlight this week’s League of Legends sale

The skins, however, are definitely not Riot's best.

Image via Riot Games

This week’s champion and skin sale in League of Legends is great if you’re looking to round out your champion pool, but very unexceptional if you were hoping for some new skins.

While Urgot has soared in popularity since his rework last summer, it’s Kalista and Vladimir that really turn this week’s sale into a good one. Both champions have been crushing in high elo and on the professional stage the past few weeks. Kalista falters the lower elo you dive into solo queue, but Vladimir still holds up as the best mid-top hybrid champion in the game.

We won’t talk about Olaf, though. We’ll call him the ugly duckling of the group.

The strength of the champion sale is offset this week only by the poor skin sale, as it features mostly outdated and lackluster skins, with the exception of Arcade Ezreal, which is the only skin on the list released more recently than 2011.


Kalista – 487 RP

Vladimir – 440 RP

Urgot – 395 RP

Olaf – 395 RP


Arcade Ezreal – 675 RP

Rumble in the Jungle – 487 RP

Full Machine Viktor – 487 RP

Renegade Talon – 260 RP