Strange bug in League makes Sona disappear from the Rift

Perhaps this was all part of Sona's masterpiece.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends occasionally has game-breaking bugs that result in unintended effects across Summoner’s Rift, but few bugs have made champions simply disappear. 

In a clip posted to Reddit featuring gameplay from Twitch streamer and former professional League player Imaqtpie, the enemy team’s Sona vanished without a trace, leaving both his team and the enemy team confused at what exactly they just witnessed. For players on both teams, the Sona had completely stopped displaying any animations before disappearing, though the Sona likely didn’t experience the same thing.

When Imaqtpie and his team approached the Sona, who was running away from their team, she suspiciously stopped moving as if she had given in to her inevitable death but did not take any damage despite the attempts from the opposing team. She then disappeared as if her recall animation had successfully completed, though there was not enough time for that animation to occur within that short time frame.

After the interaction occurred, both teams immediately began to type in the chat, questioning why Sona vanished without any animations displaying what she was actually doing. There was no conceivable place for the Sona to have gone in this short period since vision on the other side of the wall and the brush made the possibility of using Flash to escape invalid. Imaqtpie expressed genuine confusion at the interaction but laughed it off due to the absurdity of what he had just witnessed.

Reddit users pointed out that this issue could be due to a desync in the League servers where Sona was actually not at that position at that time, though a delay in response made it seem to all other players that she was running away then standing completely still. By the time that Imaqtpie and his team approached the Sona on their screens, she was likely already in her fountain, having successfully recalled or progressed forward on her screen that others couldn’t see.

Desycning bugs have been present in League for years and Riot has not taken the opportunity to address many of them. Bug reports can be submitted through the League client, as well as through the official League support website.

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