18 December 2017 - 22:38

Someone made it to Diamond playing only full-lethality Kled mid

What has the world come to?
Image via Riot Games

In a cruel stroke of fate, a North American player has used full-lethality Kled mid to reach Diamond IV in League of Legends, according to the YouTube video they uploaded last week.

Let's break down that sentence, shall we?

This is a person that thought it would be a good idea to try out an assassin Kled build, and it worked out so well that they decided to try it mid. Then, they figured out it works even better there than top lane, and therefore decided to main that in solo queue. It was so strong that they one-tricked it all the way up to Diamond IV.

And finally, it's truly cruel because now other people are going to try it out, and those players probably haven't played as many Kled games as the masochist in question, which will undoubtedly result in many reports, ragequits, and run-it-down-mids.

In other words, it's just another day in solo queue.

The player, Kitty On A Dino (get it?), has played almost 60 games as Kled mid, and they have a 61 percent winrate with it. This proves that the meta doesn't matter, and you can get away with playing literally anything you want (as long as you're good at it) until at least Master tier.

That's a painful realization. After hundreds upon hundreds of hours playing the meta's strongest champions, the majority of the playerbase is stuck in Bronze, Silver, and Gold, all while there's someone sitting in Diamond IV playing nothing but assassin Kled mid.

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