Some things Work just as well as meta.

Introduction Hi Guys. When i play league of legends i always enjoy learning new things. When leveling up my account i always got the most fun from trying new champions and builds and figuring out things for myself.


Hi Guys. When i play league of legends i always enjoy learning new things. When leveling up my account i always got the most fun from trying new champions and builds and figuring out things for myself. Now i am at a point were i feel the knowledge i have of the game is somewhat good. So now what do i do? I spend most of my time theorycrafting different out of meta picks and builds some are fairly successful, some are really good and some quite frankly fail (ap wukong lol). But all in all i see myself as an innovator and when i find a build that actually really works it feels fantastic almost like its my little personal touch on the game. Therefore i would like to share with you some of the builds/ picks that worked out fairly well and also ones that are really fun even though they may not really be viable. I would love to hear your opinions and also any out of meta build and picks you may have.


Jungle Morgana

This was the first dicovery of mine all the way back when Spectral Wraith gave spellvamp. The initial idea i had was that it would scale with the morgana passive and make me take next to no damage in the jungle. I was correct on that assumption. Fast forward to present day and runeglaive seems to be just as good. You get health and mana from killing monsters and also an aoe autoattack passive which helps with aoe clear. This all adds up to a fantastic support jungler. Early ganks are great if you can hit dark bindings and in late game you have the potential to deal a lot of damage and peel for your carries with your ultimate and black shield with much better scaling and items than a support morgana would have.

AD Malz Top(Tp/Ghost)

This one is a somewhat oddball pick and i have found it works best in an organised team environment. The idea is that you go full darien. You split push all game and be an utter annoyance. You die so what tp back into lane and continue pushing. Your Getting chased? so what ghost away. So why AD? basically if you build flat ad and also capping on cdr you can get at least 3 voidlings out. They are fantastic at kill towers and champions that are chasing you. Later on in the game you can be drawing 2 or 3 people to stop you even if you are 0/10/0 just from the sheer amount of farm and map presence. you will also find with 3 voidlings out and spamming spells you can tank a turret forever and also kill them quicker than any champion. This means if they ignore you they will just lose.

 Sion Support

You want to make a lane that excels early and is a good counter to heal lanes? Try Sion support by building like you would with a thresh or Leona support. With this you can ignore the heals entirely as in the duration of the knockup you have more than likely killed them. Then with the lane dominance your AD carry should be fed enough to hold their own so you can assist the jungler in applying map pressure and securing vision control.

Now these arn’t really breaking the meta as such but they do work kind of well:

Building a Trinity Force, Hextec then building the rest tanky really does work well with akali top lane. Less burst but much more sustained damage which is better for late game.

Building Trinity Tank on Yi is really surpisingly good, you have enough damage to kill an AD or AP carry and it makes your resets more useful as you will not be oneshotted and more likely be able to reset more than once. It is also a good mindgame because it will still seem like you are fed so you will more than likely be focused but this time because you are tanky , when you have W on your are more or less unkillable meaning your doing your job by tanking for the team.

There is also the phenomenon of AP Yi which has propped up in the past few months in many games to a lot of success. Revolving around guinsoo , devoured passive and hextec your ap autoattack damage is insane, you can get full benefit from the ap scaling of meditate and finally deals almost as much damage of the core Yi build.

Last but not least i have found that when playing Warwick most people start with dorans ring for Q damage and heal. But maybe try this instead. With the new added lifesteal on dorans blade if you get 2 of them you can heal without having to even need wasting mana on Q, it can be your poke tool instead. Straight after build a cutlass and by then you are level 6 and your ulti scales with AD so you will be able to trade a lot better and bully a lot more.

Thank you for you time, have a nice day.