Some League players still really, really don’t like the game’s client

Just another day in League land.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends players disagree on a lot. They can disagree on whether or not making Gold is actually good, or if Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp really is the best Draven in the world. There isn’t an end to the things players argue about. One thing a lot of players are agreeing on lately, though, is that they hate the game’s client.

On the game’s Reddit community yesterday, about 14,000 players gathered in one post to complain about the client. At least, that’s how many upvotes it had on the front page, where it still resides today. That’s right, 14,000 upvotes, with comments agreeing with the poster racking up thousands on their own, and the poster was even gilded for their efforts. So what exactly is the matter with the game client that has them all so angry? Well, everything, it seems.

The post included a very, very long list of everything the poster found wrong with the client—everything from taking up too much of a computer’s resources to resetting a player’s settings and preferences every time a patch arrives. In total, the list reached an alleged 95 bugs and problems, including submissions from the post’s comments. And after the list was over, the poster went onto spell out why this many issues is so bad. 

“This whole thing feels like it’s been worked on or at least supervised by people who lack knowledge, foresight and skill,” the post says, referring to Riot. It’s a little harsh, especially considering the fact that the post doesn’t seem to offer any constructive criticism, and instead just boils down to “this sucks, fix this.” In the poster’s defense, though, some of the things on the list are extremely common and widespread.

So far, after rooting through the very long list of comments, it doesn’t seem Riot has replied to any of them, or the original post itself.