Social panel next on the list for League’s Client Cleanup

Frustrating friends list issues will be addressed.

Image via Riot Games

A buggy friends list may become a thing of the past for League of Legends players.

Riot gave fans an update on the MOBA’s client in today’s blog post, outlining goals for the social panel and further stability.

Image via Riot Games

Throughout 2020, devs have made strides in decreasing client startup time, as well as the responsiveness of champ select and the end-of-game screen. A fix for hovercards was also issued in December, allowing players to see what champion and game type friends were playing. But there are still plenty of issues leaving players frustrated.

One of the biggest points of concern is the friends list not loading. Riot’s goal is to improve social panel connection and help the friends list accurately populate.

Other problems that will be addressed include receiving a friend request when your list is full, ranked information disappearing from hovercards, chat stutters, folders reordering between sessions, text boxes overlapping when clicking “show dates,” and an issue with friend request notifications.

As for client stability, Riot will work on reducing crashes and Javascript errors, fix memory leaks, and clean up the game’s codebase.

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