Sneaky takes out opponent from long range in 2 seconds using Aphelios

"Is one free kill waiting for me?"

Photo via Riot Games

These Aphelios nerfs can’t come any sooner.

With another day in League of Legends comes another clip showcasing Aphelios’ overpowered range. Twitch streamer and former LCS pro Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi used the AD carry’s turret to outplay an opponent during his broadcast last night.

Sneaky began the devastating attack by placing a cheeky sentry turret in a bush, waiting for a victim to cross its path. And the enemy Jhin never stood a chance.

“Is one free kill waiting for me, Mr. Jhin?” Sneaky said as the Jhin approached the turret.

After face-checking the sentry, the enemy ADC was marked. This allowed Sneaky’s Aphelios to unleash crippling auto attacks that took out the Virtuoso in less than two seconds. What made matters worse is that it would be literally impossible for Jhin to destroy the sentry quick enough due to his slow auto attacks.

Twitch streamer and former pro Michael “imaqtpie” Santana similarly exposed Aphelios’ insane range during his stream earlier this month.

Aphelios’ power was already clipped in Patch 9.24b, which nerfed his Calibrum mark damage ratio and Infernum ultimate damage. But despite the champion’s subpar win rate, more nerfs are on the horizon. Patch 10.2 looks to increase Calibrum’s Q cooldown, decrease its mark damage, while also nerfing Severum’s Q damage and Mini-Crescendum’s AD value.

The ADC is a perfect example of a champion that can excel when in the right hands. But Aphelios’ complexity likely adversely affects his win rate in lower ranks.