SIN vs Chiefs OPL Game 1 Week 1

A recap of Game 1 Week 1 in the OPL series.

SIN vs Chiefs OPL Game 1 Week 1


The first game of the OPL this season pits the new comer SIN gaming vs the OPL powerhouse The Chiefs, looked to be an exciting match. SIN were reported to be a “super-team” with the solo-queue mid prodigy Rymeister at the helm facing off against the historically best mid lanner of OCE in Swiffer.  Another facet which makes this first game of the season more interesting is that Rosey, the former support of The Chiefs, has moved to the Top lane for SIN gaming while The Chiefs pick up EGym, the former support of Legacy eSports. The pick and bans of both teams were what we expected out of these teams.

The P/B is very standard with targeted bans such as Hecarim Nunu and Gnar but Chiefs leave Urgot open who is first picked by SIN. SIN gaming then goes on to pick a very mid game focused team around the Urgot but locks in Azir for Rymeister. The Chiefs do their usual late game style comp with Raydere on Jinx and Swiffer on Cassiopeia. Coming out of this P/B it is clear that SIN wants to beat Chiefs in the mid game before Chiefs can capitalise on their late game team fighting abilities.

At level one both sides go for deep wards to scout for lane swaps but nothing comes of it as both teams settle down into standard lanes. Rosey and EGym show there prowess and get an early first blood on Stealthix and setting Urgot heavily behind, but at almost the same time Rymeister picks up a kill on Swiffer through some of Swiffer’s mechanical misplays, this sets the scene for the rest of the game which shows SINs solo laners getting ahead in lane whiles Chiefs bot lane staying firmly in front of Stealthix and trash boat.

At 16 minutes a counter-gank on Spooks and Swip3R put SIN in front and open up the mid game window they need to defeat the Chiefs. A few minutes later SIN are picking apart Chiefs through rotational plays and Rymeister looks to be trying to take the title of best Mid OCE with his mechanical skill, however while pushing Chiefs inner tower they overstay and Chiefs pick up a kill and take a tower of their own and the game seems to stabilize, which make the window for SIN to win smaller as late game is looming. SIN make a push to take the middle inner tower again while they are stronger but Chiefs catch out Rymeister and get a triple kill which leads them to take baron and get a lead at 26 minutes and then strangle out SIN as there team comp is now much stronger.

What to take away from this game is that The Chiefs may not be in for another easy season as teams may start to capitalize on Chiefs early game weaknesses. SIN gaming have also shown that they won’t be pusher overs this season as Rymeister and Rosey were looking very good in the solo lanes but there bottom lane is looking to be a weak point in there play.


By Cody Smith