Shaco gets a bizarre quadra kill thanks to Hextech Dragon soul and Elder buff

The new drake seems too overpowered in some situations.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 11.23 went live this week, which means this year’s preseason also made its debut. Every year, fans get to observe some grotesque plays that are the result of new, unbalanced items, runes, or other aspects of the game. And this year is no different.

In the 2022 preseason, two new drakes were added to League: the Hextech and Chemtech Dragon. Each of them has fresh bonuses and some of them may seem broken. The power of the Hextech Dragon soul was on full display in a recent clip from Reddit user K3vin5Durant.

In a clip posted on the League subreddit, a Shaco player named JabSword was trying to protect his Nexus towers on his own against four enemies. At first glance, this job seemed impossible for the Demon Jester. But it wasn’t thanks to some help from the Hextech Dragon soul, which adds chain lightning to the team’s basic attacks and abilities, similar to how Statikk Shiv used to work in the past.

JabSword created a clone of himself by using Hallucinate (R) and immediately sent it toward the enemy team. The clone was quickly slain, but it died in the middle of all four opponents, naturally spawning three Jack in the Boxes (W) after dying. The three puppets feared the enemies and activated a massive Hextech Dragon soul chain, eliminating all of them with some further help from an Elder Dragon buff.

JabSword ended up pulling off the comeback later in the game, according to

Every year, there are a few League patches and hotfixes after the preseason has been implemented. That’s surely bound to happen again since players are already discussing aspects of the game that seem broken or overpowered. Based on this clip, the effect of the Hextech Dragon soul might be one of the things Riot will have to look at in the coming weeks.

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