Sett snowballs to enemy base from fountain thanks to Akshan’s resurrection

He almost returned to the grave as well.

Image via Riot Games

Everyone loves ARAM in League of Legends, don’t they? After hours of climbing solo queue, or falling down the ladder miserably, there’s hardly a better way to call it a day than with a game of ARAM. In this mode, bizarre plays are pretty much standard.

A player called Paynekiller recently experienced an eyebrow-raising play themselves when playing Sett, which was shared on League’s subreddit.

At the beginning of the clip, Sett was taken down by Mordekaiser, who, half of a second later, was slain by Akshan. With Akshan’s kit at your disposal, however, it’s easy to rejoin the fight. Sett immediately respawned in his fountain.

At this point, it turned out that the Boss had hit enemy Caitlyn with a snowball when he was going down. And, instantly after coming back to life, he used the Summoner’s Spell, rejoining the fight in style.

Not everything was going as smoothly as he’d like, though, since Caitlyn returned under her turret, and almost eliminated Sett for the second time in less than 10 seconds. But she failed in the end, losing her life and allowing the Boss to flee with low health.

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