Seorabeol Gaming beat Griffin in 2020 LCK Summer Promotion series

The teams from Challengers Korea showed up today.

Photo via Riot Games

Challengers Korea team Seorabeol Gaming upset recent League of Legends World Championship participants Griffin 2-1 today in a relatively competitive series that was marred by some interesting technical issues.

Despite being the new kids on the block, the Seorabeol team is mostly built from mature-aged players full of experience. And it was two of those players, jungler KaKAO and ADC Sangyoon, who helped carry them to a series victory today.

In both of their game wins, KaKAO went deathless and produced a brilliant display of early-game farming. In the second game, the jungler had more CS and gold than his mid laner and ADC at 15 minutes, which helped him build an overwhelming advantage for his team. He was a clear MVP candidate in this series.

In the dying moments of the final match, the game was paused after the observers noticed a strange bug. A player placed a ward while in Mordekaiser’s Death Realm and was giving vision to the opposing team, despite the fact that it had seemingly disappeared already. After further inspection by the game referees, it was ruled to be an observer bug with no apparent effect on the result of the match. The players then played out the final few seconds of the already-decided series.

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Both CK teams won against their LCK counterparts today and will face each other in the upper bracket final. This means that the 2020 LCK Summer Split will feature at least one new team.

The 2020 LCK Summer Promotion tournament continues tomorrow with the first elimination match between Sandbox Gaming and Griffin.