Samira player secures 5 kills at level 1 in League solo queue

Apparently, Samira doesn't need items or her ultimate to get kills.

Image via Riot Games

Samira is one of the most popular ADCs in League of Legends right now. She’s been popping off in plenty of competitive and solo queue highlight reels due to her huge power spikes once she has a couple of items.

But one League player recently posted a clip showcasing the power of Samira even without her items. The player picked up five kills early in the game thanks to some smart decision-making.

Samira and her duo lane partner, Alistar, sat in the bot river bush after telling their jungler to solo the red buff. They patiently waited for the opposing Swain and Ashe before swiftly engaging with Alistar’s knock-up, followed up by Samira’s passive for increased crowd control. Samira eventually picked up first blood on Ashe.

Although plays like this are common in solo queue with players trying cheesy tactics, it didn’t end there. While chasing after Swain, Samira and Alistar ran into the opposing jungler, Ekko. Soon after, the enemy mid lane Galio came to join the fray as well. What looked to be a simple, cheesy tactic to force summoner spells turned out to be a huge victory for Samira and her partner, who picked up multiple kills in the level one exchange.

While the bottom side of the map was having fun, the top lane island probably felt like a prison for the opposing team. Nobody wants the opposing ADC to have five kills three minutes into a game with no way of stopping them.

But this clip goes to show that sometimes it can be beneficial for a bot lane to not help leash a jungler’s first buff.

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