Samira and Qiyana added to League’s Patch 11.5 buff list

It seems Samira was "overnerfed" a bit last patch.

Image via Riot Games

Riot added two more League of Legends champs to next week’s buff list.

Gameplay design director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter detailed the tentative Patch 11.5 changes today, throwing Samira and Qiyana into the mix.

After Samira premiered as one of the top AD carries in season 11, Riot tuned her numbers down dramatically in Patch 11.4. And after targeting virtually all her abilities, Scruffy says she was “a bit overnerfed.”

To compensate for the harsh nerfs, Samira’s AD per level is increasing from 2.3 to three. And her Flair (Q) AD damage ratio is being buffed in the later stages of the game, going from 110 to 120 percent at max level.

Qiyana’s win rate hovers around 49 percent in Platinum ranks and above, according to But the AD assassin is getting tons of love in Patch 11.5 with big buffs to her W and ultimate. Elemental Wrath’s on-hit damage is increasing from eight to 40 to eight to 64, and its movement speed will jump up from 10 to 13 percent at max level. Audacity (R) will have its max level damage increased from 240 to 300 as well.

In addition to these tweaks, numerous other champs will get tuned in Patch 11.5. Senna’s Guinsoo’s Rageblade build has been devastating in solo queue and pro play. Riot will cap her crit chance conversion at 100 percent to limit the Redeemer’s scaling. Seraphine bot carry and Udyr will also be nerfed, while junglers Master Yi and Sejuani will get buffed.

Patch 11.5 will likely go live on Wednesday, March 3, according to the patch schedule.

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