Rogue grab 10th win of 2022 LEC Spring Split against MAD Lions

Rogue have bounced back from their rough week five.

Photo via Riot Games

Rogue ended their two-game losing streak today by taking down MAD Lions in week six of the 2022 LEC Summer Split.

The early game was a battle between Rogue jungler Malrang’s gank and lane-based play and Elyoya’s aggressive but more farm-intensive style.

Rogue AD carry Comp got first blood early on with assistance from Malrang’s Hecarim. This was then followed up a few moments later by a play from Elyoya’s Lee Sin and Reeker’s Ryze. And shortly after, MAD returned to the bot lane once again, where they killed Rogue’s bottom lane duo. 

Both teams ignored the top side until the eight-minute mark when a fight broke out for the Rift Herald. Rogue secured the objective after they killed Elyoya. Rogue held an 800 gold lead at the 10-minute mark but MAD took the first dragon of the game. 

MAD then made a Realm Warp play that ended in three kills for them while they only lost two. Rogue grabbed the first tower of the game through their early Rift Herald advantage, but MAD were able to pick off Comp during the play. Still, Rogue’s map play helped them carry a 2,000 gold lead over the reigning LEC champions, paired with four towers to MAD’s single tower. 

With two dragons, the third dragon became a huge priority for MAD. But Rogue took the dragon from them after they killed two members of MAD because of their strong teamfight composition. Rogue postured for Baron immediately after and secured the objective after they killed Elyoya.

Rogue used this to gain more map control and real estate of MAD’s base. MAD attempted one final fight to come back into the game, but Rogue held control with their strong teamfight comp and they closed the game out in 28 minutes.

Photo via Riot Games

This win was an important one for Rogue, who earned their 10th victory of the split and bounced back after a poor week five. Rogue will attempt to go 2-0 this week and secure their playoff spot against Team Vitality tomorrow, Feb. 19.

As for MAD, this loss puts the reigning LEC champs in troublesome territory since they have a 5-7 record after today’s loss. They now find themselves as the odd man out in the tight race for the final playoff spots against Excel Esports and Vitality.

MAD will attempt to avoid a four-game losing streak when they take on the 8-4 Misfits tomorrow.