Riot’s “current plan” is to host Clash “every month” in League of Legends

The next competition kicks off on March 14 and 15.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games announced the dates for the next Clash tournament yesterday, giving League of Legends fans something to look forward to. And now, players know how often the exciting tournament will run.

League lead producer of gameplay Jeremy “Brightmoon” Lee gave fans a more concrete timeline for how often Clash will recur. The dev commented on a Reddit post, explaining that the “current plan” for Clash is to run “every month.”

Screengrab via Reddit

Riot will also share Clash schedules further in advance for future competitions, giving players plenty of time to find a squad and work on their team synergy.

The news was mildly disappointing to some fans who hoped that Clash would run every two weeks. But League design director Andrei “Meddler” van Roon previously said that the devs want to “avoid running tournaments so frequently that the potential player base is split over too many different days,” which could lead to “weaker competition” and “lower significance per tournament.”

Running Clash once a month may be the perfect amount of time to maintain enthusiasm without burning players out.

Clash is a bracket-style tournament where teams compete against each other. The farther you get into the tournament, the more lucrative your rewards will be. But squads who get taken out early are still guaranteed three games in a consolation ladder.

With the next tournament only 10 days away, teams should start practicing their team comps immediately.