Riot updates League of Legends Universe, adds new stories for Kalista, Darius, and Zyra

The League of Legends universe has expanded.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games released a few short stories and bio updates today, introducing new lore for Kalista, Darius, Hecarim, and Zyra in a step to further expand and revamp the League of Legends lore universe.

In the first short story, titled “The Echoes Left Behind,” readers get a glimpse at Kalista’s life before she became the marksman we all know and love.

The story follows the perspective of a man named Ledros, a former companion of Kalista prior to her death. Readers discover the two fought alongside each other, but Ledros betrayed Kalista in life, failing to protect her from her demise. After death, Kalista seeks her revenge on her betrayer, chained to the afterlife until Ledros steps forward to sacrifice himself for her freedom.

Hecarim and Kalista both had their biographies updated to reflect the lore included in the marksman’s newest short story.

Zyra also received a short story, titled “With the Flowers,” in today’s Universe update. In the story, a woman by the name of Hatilly purchases an exotic plant from the market, but the plant soon grows, rapidly taking over her home. It kills the woman’s husband before Zyra steps out of its vines and lures Hatilly into her trap.

Darius steps up as the final League of Legends champion to see a new short story, named “The Winterspike Road.” The story follows foot soldiers as they trek into the Freljord underneath the command of the Noxian general Darius, encountering avalanches and attacks from the Winter’s Claw tribe. Despite the adversities, Darius leads the troops with the brusque nature of a true Noxian commander, and they face their opponents head on.

Fans of the game can check out each of the new short stories on the League of Legends Universe.