Riot unveils new Rift Quest and Dark Star skins headed to the Rift for League’s Patch 10.6

Lux is getting both a Cosmic and Dark Cosmic skin soon.

Image via Riot Games

At the beginning of the year, Riot Games promised to release over 120 skins in 2020 and it’s clear that the company isn’t going to slow down in February.

The company introduced eight more skins today that are headed to the game in League of Legends Patch 10.6. Taric, Twitch, and Talon are joining the Rift Quest while Lux, Malphite, Xerath, and Mordekaiser enter the Dark Star skin lines.

Taric, Twitch, and Talon are joining the role-playing game themed cosmetic set with three new skins based on classic fantasy table-top characters. Taric Luminshield has given the Shield of Valoran a golden makeover with flowing blonde hair cascading between the yellow gems that surround him. Twitch Shadowfoot and Talon Blackwood, on the other hand, both look like sneaky assassins, covered in shadows and a dark purple aura.

Cosmic and Dark Cosmic Lux follow in the footsteps of Dawn and Nightbringer Soraka, where a player will have two different skins to choose from. Both skins are similar in design, but one is colored in an inviting blue while the other has a menacing black and purple glow around her.

Image via Riot Games

Even the sound effects sound more pleasant in her regular Cosmic skin. Lux’s Dark Cosmic skin has lower-toned effects, while the Cosmic skin has a Star Guardian-like tone to some of her abilities and recall.

Dark Star Malphite, Xerath, and Mordekaiser look incredible as well. Mordekaiser might be one of the best skins of the bunch. His hammer sounds heavier and world-ending, his Death’s Grasp ability has a beautiful galaxy visual effect on the ground, and his ultimate changes Summoner’s Rift into an ominous battleground bathed in purple light.

Patch 10.6 should drop on Wednesday, March 18. League fans should get ready to travel through storybook tales and galactic adventures with these new cosmetics.