Riot to refund Saturday Clash ticket costs in EU West after issues

Issues with the Clash system seemed to be specific to EU West.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games will refund the cost of Saturday Clash tickets to EU West League of Legends players after a series of bugs popped up with the new tournament system in the region.

The EUW server took on the brunt of most of the issues and failed to work properly for a large portion of players in the region. The ticket cost refund serves as a way for Riot to apologize for the issues as it continues to look for fixes ahead of the next eventual test.

The issues seemed random at times too. Many EUW players claimed that they were able to play a couple of games of Clash without any blips in the system while others encountered several issues, such as being unable to load into the lobby.

Clash seemed to be working smoothly in other regions, however. Players in NA reported that the tournament mode worked with little to no issues, so it seems like the problems from this weekend’s test stem in specific regions.

At this point though, fans are left to wonder if the meme about Clash never working in Europe will ever end. This is a series of problems that Europe has had to contend with on their servers for some time now and it may not be the last.