Riot to drop Sion’s zombie passive damage to turrets, Master Yi’s ultimate attack speed, and more in Patch 12.9

Split-push Sion is dead.

Image via Riot Games

If you’ve ever suffered at the hands of a split-pushing Sion in League of Legends, then worry no longer. Riot Games is dropping the nerfhammer on the Undead Juggernaut, along with a handful of other champions and items for the game’s 12.9 update.

Riot’s game balance designer Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison has detailed the simple changes to Sion, which significantly drop his zombie form’s structure damage from 100 percent to only 40 percent. By severely reducing the damage numbers, Sion players won’t force players to use valuable time just to prevent them from smashing a turret down with their increased attack speed and bonus attack damage.

It was a playstyle that wasn’t too interactive, since they would just have to throw themselves into a lane with the Hullbreaker split pushing item and bust down structures through the passive. Speaking of which, rushing into the item first might not be recommended anymore.

Riot is nerfing its early resists from a linear increase to a backloaded increase, while also causing the bonus tower damage to only apply to auto attacks and not abilities or other effects. For example, if the Demolish rune was chosen, the empowered auto-attack won’t obliterate a turret in conjunction with Hullbreaker.

Renata Glasc is getting a slight armor nerf to go with a decrease in her passive damage, Ahri’s cooldowns for her ultimate ability and Charm are increasing, and Rengar is getting a 20 point damage decrease at all levels for his W’s bonus monster damage. Master Yi’s ultimate ability will now only grant 45 percent bonus attack speed at max rank instead of 65, and lastly, Nidalee’s base health is dropping from 570 to 540.

League‘s Patch 12.9 is set to release next week on Wednesday, May 11.

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