Riot teases Teamfight Tactics mid-set expansion

This may be the best mid-set expansion to date.

Teamfight Tactics Set Three Little Legends
Screengrab via Riot Games

New Galaxies, champions, and Little Legends are being added during the Teamfight Tactics Set Three mid-set expansion, Riot Games announced today.

Since the release of TFT Set Three on March 18, the popularity of the autobattler has reached new heights. Riot released a League video today, which featured a tease of what’s to come with the mid-set expansion this summer, including more Galaxies, new champions, and additional Little Legends.

Details regarding these new additions to TFT Set Three are scheduled to release sometime in May. The team is projecting that the mid-set expansion may be available by Patch 10.12, according to Andrei “Meddler” van Roon.

Previous mid-set TFT expansions have had a major impact on the game, like the addition of Karma and Leona in Set Two, along with a new trait. Despite restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the team has been working hard on the Set Three mid-set expansion and are excited for its release, according to Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer during a PBE testing stream last week. 

Riot just released the new Dark Star champion Xerath with Patch 10.8 and the sorcerer is already having a big effect on the meta. There was also a 10.8 mid-patch on April 21, featuring a few minor tweaks to the meta. More adjustments are expected to arrive in the upcoming 10.9 TFT update.

By the time Riot releases the mid-set expansion this summer, the meta will be ripe and ready for change.