Riot teases League update to Rengar’s ultimate ability, leap mechanic

A major update to Rengar has been in the works for months.

Image via Riot Games

After nearly a full year without any balance updates on the live League of Legends servers, proposed changes to one of the game’s most prominent assassin champions, Rengar, are in the works. The champion’s ultimate ability, Thrill of the Hunt, is on the table to receive some balance changes, according to a post by League gameplay designer Kevin “Captain Gameplay” Huang. 

In a Twitter post made earlier today, Huang teased potential changes coming to Rengar’s ultimate, showing off a screengrab of the ability’s proposed updated tooltip. If the new changes go into effect, Rengar’s ultimate would passively allow him to leap at enemies while camouflaged, implying that Unseen Predator, Rengar’s current passive ability that enables his signature leap attack, will also be changed in some capacity. 

Additionally, Thrill of the Hunt (R) would camouflage Rengar when activated after one second as opposed to after two seconds. While camouflaged, Rengar would gain True Sight of any nearby champions, allowing him to detect invisible enemies and attempt an assassination on them. 

Rengar has been a candidate for a major balance update for months now, with Riot citing the need to make the champion more accessible to lower-ranked players earlier this year. The wave of potential changes from Riot earlier in 2021 also affected Rengar’s Battle Cry (W) and Bola Strike (E), but the champion has not been changed in a major way on the live League servers since those updates were proposed. 

Riot has yet to announce a timetable for Rengar’s potentially upcoming changes. The champion has been without a balance update since January, though. In Patch 11.1, Rengar’s base magic resistance was reduced from 32.1 to 32. Rengar has not received a balance update since then but has had a handful of bug fixes addressed throughout the ranked season. 

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