Riot “taking notes” on fans’ suggestions for improving League’s ranked experience

What recommendations do you have?

Image via Riot Games

With League of Legends’ tenth season kicking off earlier this month, Riot is trying to make the ranked experience a little bit easier—and they need our help.

League lead producer of gameplay Jeremy “Brightmoon” Lee addressed the community on Twitter today, asking for players’ suggestions to “make the climb better.” Though Brightmoon might not be able to respond to everyone’s ideas, he will be “taking notes and finding themes.”

One common proposal is for Riot to do away with the promotional series in between divisions, saving them just for jumping tiers. Riot autobattler Teamfight Tactics follows a similar model, removing promo games completely. The trade-off is that there’s no protection from demotion when at zero LP.

Another frequent recommendation is to remove autofill, which can place you or teammates in roles they’re ill-equipped for. This can be frustrating for players who start a match with a handicap, especially when they’re in a promotional series and unable to dodge.

Some other suggestions include one free dodge when in promos, a better reporting system that doles out appropriate consequences, and enabling a voice chat option.

The ranked system has gone through several iterations over the last decade. Though it began with an Elo leaderboard system, it has since incorporated divisions and tiers. In recent years, the Iron and Grandmaster ranks were added to balance out both sides of the competitive spectrum. And division five of each rank has been removed, leaving only four in each tier.

Fans eager to share their own suggestions can comment on Brightmoon’s Twitter thread.