Riot reveals League of Legends’ patch schedule for the rest of 2019

Riot has detailed its plans for the back half of this year.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has detailed its plans for the remainder of 2019 by revealing League of Legends’ patch schedule up to Patch 9.23. It’s been a pretty busy year for Riot, especially with the addition of Teamfight Tactics and a couple of exciting new champions.

First, Patch 9.14 will be a large update with plenty of champions getting updated. Thirty champions will be changed, so Riot’s design director Andrei “Meddler” van Roon expects to apply a micropatch a few days after in order to fix any outstanding mistakes the developers might have made.

Patches 9.15 to 9.18, on the other hand, will all be focused more on stability and smaller balance changes to the game. Even Patch 9.19, which is the Worlds patch, will be focusing more on stability and reliability so that players can prepare for the World Championship without having to worry about large-scale changes.

Patches 9.20 to 9.22 are all technical changes that are too “risky” to apply before Worlds 2019. “Generally we try not to get the Worlds patch and the state of the regular game get too out of sync though, so large work will be usually held for preseason,” Meddler said.

Patch 9.23 will be the first preseason patch, which should occur around mid-November. Details on these changes should be revealed around September or October. Riot also plans to adjust Irelia in Patch 9.15 due to her dominance in the professional scene.