Riot reveals buff and nerf targets for League’s Patch 9.20

Patch 9.20 will bring a good amount of changes.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends fans might be preparing for Worlds 2019, but Riot Games is already looking into the game’s future with Patch 9.20, which will drop on Wednesday, Oct. 9. Several champions are getting changed up this time around, but more information will be available soon.

The nerf list is relatively small with only three champions—Qiyana, Pantheon, and Blitzcrank. The buff list, on the other hand, features Rengar, Lissandra, and Varus getting some love this time around. The relatively big reworks for Ivern, Viktor, Garen, and Shaco should also be shipping out with Patch 9.20.

The reworks that are headed our way this time around could boost the play time for all four of these champions. Viktor is getting some sweeping changes to his ultimate and his various abilities, while Shaco is also receiving big changes to push some of his power into the early game.

Garen will get some significant changes to his kit that could change how people play him moving forward, while Ivern is set for a huge auto attack range buff alongside a general rework that could also affect the roles he’s most effective in.

Patch 9.20 isn’t the biggest patch in terms of changes to a huge group of champions, but the four reworks should be an interesting topic to track while people begin to watch Worlds 2019, which begins on Wednesday, Oct. 2.

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